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Fertilizer tariff policy introduced a significant reduction in export tax rates

Market expectations for a long time the export of chemical fertilizer policy has finally become a reality. Ministry of Finance yesterday announced the 2014 tariff adjustment program, the export period of domestic chemical fertilizer will remain unchanged, but most varieties of fertilizer products export tariff rates have a significant reduction, the new tax rate will be implemented from next month 1.
According to the website of the Ministry of Finance announced yesterday 2014 tariff adjustment programs, import tariffs, to three kinds of chemical fertilizers: urea, compound fertilizer, diammonium phosphate rate of import quotas is tentatively scheduled to maintain a 1% tax rate, industry of quotas were adjustment voice still exist. Export tariffs have a greater adjustment, the rate of export of this fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer season were significantly relaxed, off-season export tax rates have declined. The urea off-season fixed levied 40 yuan / ton, season executive tax rate of 15% and an additional 40 yuan / ton; potassium chloride, potassium sulfate by annual fixed tax 2000 yuan / ton down to 600 yuan / ton. The two elements of phosphorus potassium fertilizer annual rate of 7% to 5%, other varieties of small fertilizer export tax rate also have different degrees of reduction.
The business community chemical analyst Zhang Ming said that the implementation of the new tariff policy will have to avoid the long idle capacity and short season miss the best export opportunities of tragedy, but expect to lower tariffs under the international market dumping, exclusive international fertilizer export Ngau Tau is not practical, on the situation of the fertilizer industry is difficult to work like a charm effect.
Many chemical fertilizer industry insiders said that under the new tariff policy stimulus, the fertilizer market next year or for exports to slightly pulled, is conducive to the domestic fertilizer prices stabilized, the traditional urea, ammonium phosphate and other products in the domestic device operating rate is expected to be improved.

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