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A new round of price regulation ideas gradually: help low pressure high

Business agency, December 12 hearing, whether it is the national development and Reform Commission officials recently in a number of forums, policy briefing, or recently released the Guangdong medicine exchange trading rules, have declared the a new round of drug price control ideas: down high priced drugs at the same time, support the price of good medicine, will become the 2014 drug price control line.
According to the latest development and Reform Commission official news, all proprietary Chinese medicines in the national pricing range will usher in a new round of price adjustment, the negotiation of the exclusive varieties of proprietary Chinese medicine price or up to 25%. And from the Guangdong Institute of medicine trading rules refers to the low price of drugs in this year's tender will be particularly protected.
Guangdong medicine to pay the new deal out of the low price
Nandu reporter learned from the Guangdong drug trading platform, the platform has been launched in December 6th cheap drugs on-line bargain. This new model of "daily transactions, monthly bidding", had been the industry refers to the existence of "risk only cheap". But from the Guangdong health and Family Planning Commission announced the price of cheap drugs online bargaining rules, some of the cheap old medicine or instead therefore subject to price protection.
In accordance with the Guangdong Provincial Price Bureau announced the basic medicines and low-cost drugs and clinical needs and the purchase of the difficult varieties of the market price, the 1962 products and the corresponding manufacturers will be expected to benefit from this new deal. As included in the range of varieties by medical institutions direct selection to production manufacturers and product regulation, the market price of government pricing varieties is the transaction price, the market analysts believe that had not been optimistic about the market of cheap drugs and drug shortages will therefore be stable market share and profit space.
Guangdong, a large pharmaceutical company stakeholders told SMW reporters said that according to the Guangdong Provincial Price Bureau announced the directory, their group a total of nearly 50 goods regulations finalists, this company has actively preparing for the production, to deal with coming for bulk purchase.
In addition, due to the national development and Reform Commission recently issued the notice on issues related to improving the management of drug prices low, intends to in 3 yuan, medicine control in 5 yuan of varieties of daily expense standard western medicine control, inventory management, and cancel the original government to formulate the maximum retail price, specific retail prices by production operators in does not exceed the daily fee standards under the premise, according to pharmaceutical production costs and market supply and demand situation independently develop.
Pharmaceutical industry analysts have recently pointed to the above policy shows that the issue of low-cost drugs and shortages in the government has gradually been valued, is expected in the future bidding policy and price to give such drugs more concessions. "These drugs have begun to Guangdong bidding, we think would be good for traditional manufacturers of generic drugs." Li pointed out that if the Xihuan securities XinDa.
For the first time in nearly 6 years, large-scale price reduction
Cheap drug list is the first step in this year's national development and Reform Commission to start the drug price reform, the Chinese medicine is about to usher in the adjustment of high priced drugs." This is the Nandu reporter from the seventieth national drug fair in Guangzhou held a forum to get another price adjustment information.
However, unlike the price of cheap drugs protected by the exclusive varieties of proprietary Chinese medicine is expected to lead to the first large-scale price reduction in the past 6 years. Which was the outbreak of many of the adverse effect of traditional Chinese medicine injections will bear the brunt. According to industry experts, the national health insurance directory, sales ranked in the top 20 of the traditional Chinese medicine injections accounted for about 70% of the share. The reason is that some traditional Chinese medicine injections to achieve the highest profit of about 70%, with an average of about 50%. China Medical Insurance Research Association Secretary General Xiong Xianjun more bluntly: health insurance fund is eaten by Chinese herbal injections too much, there are many traditional Chinese medicine injections can not be used.

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