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Easy addictive drugs should pay attention to safe use

Drug has such a special class of drugs, because it contains tramadol, codeine and other ingredients, in clinic mainly to analgesic and antitussive effect, this kind of medicines and drugs are similar, if abused may produce dependence and addiction. Drug addiction (also known as drug addiction) is a kind of pathological manifestations of drug dependence. The reason is that the result of repeated (periodic or continuous) application of the same drug, the result is harmful to the individual is also harmful to society. Drug addiction can be summed up as the following: 1. Morphine, such as morphine, opium, codeine and pethidine pethidine (meperidine), double hydrogen etorphine and for. The sedative hypnotic drugs, such as diazepam (An Ding), chloral hydrate, phenobarbital (Lu Mina). Cocaine class. The cannabis. The central stimulants such as methamphetamine, etc.. The hallucinogenic drugs such as ice (methamphetamine) etc.. Daily contact with painkillers, cough water in these drugs, some drugs, such as morphine, heroin, marijuana, central stimulant, codeine phosphate). The narcotic drug morphine analgesic effect is obvious, addiction is strong, so the medical treatment as an analgesic, such as the major surgery, treatment of traumatic pain, limited to the use of short-term control. Tramadol and some opiates, widely used in moderate and severe acute and chronic pain and pain in surgical and surgical operation, operation after the pain. Repeated use of drugs will cause one or more of the following phenomena: patients require continued use of this drug is very strong desire to do everything possible to medical personnel to cheat such drugs. Weak willed persons, and even the use of illegal means to steal drugs or use the high price of the dark to buy drugs and crime. So this type of drug, the patient can not be abused, must be in the doctor's prescription and direct guidance to allow the use of. Emotional (psychological) dependence is the first reaction. Feeling restless when stopping medication. Physical dependence suddenly stops the medicine to be possible to cause the body sick that withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, yawn, rhinorrhea, sweating, insomnia, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and other, and even collapse, limbs tic or paralysis, incontinence and other severe reactions may occur. If you give enough of the same drug, these symptoms will disappear immediately. Tolerance to drugs is dependent on the same time, but also often produce "tolerance", that is, the need for a larger dose of the drug to be effective, to meet the requirements.

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