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expired drugs have a bunch, I do not know how to deal with

"Home expired drugs save a big box, do not know how to deal with." 23, Ms. Sui reflect to the reporter, her home for the elderly is not in good health, perennial take medicine, plus the usual to eat cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs and, many family standing drugs, for a long time, many of the drug has expired.
The reporter saw Ms. Sui home, expired drugs not expired drugs and mixed together, and filled a big box. The reporter saw, in the three years have expired drugs "Norfloxacin Capsules", "two years overdue Baolier Capsules" etc.. Ms. Sui told reporters, after 23 days to see the newspaper "deal expired medicine all the way to burn the whole" reports, that expired medicine and if garbage thrown away together, will pollute the environment, or criminals use. "Used to throw away, and now can not dare, but do not throw away, do not know how to deal with." Ms. Sui said.
Reporters interviewed a number of people, most people said that if expired medicine will directly when the garbage thrown away, for the harm of expired drugs also have a smattering of knowledge. Although some residents know expired drugs on the environment is harmful, but I do not know where to recycle, had to readily throw away.
Survey: expired drugs recycling point rare, individual pharmacies recycling
23, the reporter visited the discovery, expired drugs recycling point is very little. Reporter in Chengda Fangyuan's drugstore chain, the postal large pharmacy, pharmacy interview, asked whether the recovery of expired drugs, pharmacy staff said, and did not know how should the citizen treatment in the hands of expired medicine.
Reporters found that the query data, shown early in the 2007 Shandong Province food and drug supervision and Management Bureau announced the "Shandong Province Recycling expired drugs and fixed-point units list", Qingdao, a total of two units of expired drugs recovery point: a Qingdao beings large pharmacy chain Co., Ltd. our, another is Qingdao Medical Insurance drugs City Co., Ltd.. However, the health insurance city staff introduced, each quarter may carry out a few days of recycling expired drugs activities, usually no longer recover expired drugs.

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